Do’s and Don’ts

Pranam !

As you are taking a treatment for the cure of Herpes, we recommend the below Do’s and Don’ts for quick recovery :

Do's for the Patient:

  1. Wear loose clothes, so that the clothes do not stick/ itch with against the rashes
  2. Drink more water, liquids
  3. Visit for treatment for 3 continuous days
  4. Apply the treated Oil once/ twice yourself till the treatment is going on and later as well if required
  5. Eat more Fresh Fruits, Salads
  6. Offer the coin to any poor person, after the oil is finished or herpes is fully treated

Dont's for Patient:

  1. No allopathic/ homeopathic Medicines till the time the treatment is going on
  2. No onion , garlic, spicy food, non veg, alcohol till the treatment is going on
  3. No Soap/ Shampoo on the affected area. Avoid water as well.
  4. Do not Share your towel with others
  5. Avoid direct contact of others to the affected area, as it may lead to chickenpox to others

Even though Herpes is not contagious, the liquid from the rashes can carry the virus and cause Chicken Pox to others in direct contact with it.

As Herpes can be avoided by maintaining good health and immunity, we recommend following a Healthy Lifestyle. Balance your Food, Exercise and Rest.