Paid too much price for this softy cola. Gentleman jack is like a ladies of the night, turning tricks in a fur coat. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Not all who criticize are coneited, wrong or "haters"... Good for the price, primarily due to smoothness, be your own reviewer, don't listen to "experts", The aroma calms the senses the flavour lingers on tempting you to pour another, Its the finest and mouth watering flavour, Definitely One To Keep For The Liquor Cabinet. I give it 2 stars as there is actually worse out there, it's called No.7. I'm not a fan of liquor. GJ all the way. Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed not once, but twice for ultimate smoothness. The label is improved as well, sporting a metallic silver background and black lettering. Others in here also seem to like this so it might just be me. Lem Moltow died in 1947, leaving the distillery to his family. I hate JD straight-up, but this is my new favourite tipple. Your wife now pours you a glass of Gentleman Jack, and you take a sip. A pleasant and dry palate set it apart from many of the sweeter American whiskies. Can I buy this item in store? Just like with the standard version, there isn’t really much change here. In summary, I tried to like it but it just didn't impress after the second serving. This smells lovely (better than No 7 even) but the taste is just a wall of burnt wood and shoe leather marinated in Old Spice. A Smooth drinking and satisfying mixture of only the best grains and Tennessee limestone water and aged in Charcoal barrels of white oak which dates back over 100 years and twice filtered through a charcoal bed. Some have stated that this is an ok sipping dram. I like it it in a proper glass with an ice ball, as a shot or mixed with what ever you like, it has a caramel oak flavor that is perfect while smooth as can be. 1) I don't have any reasons to hate JD or even Tennessee whiskey (I love Dickel's).2) I am not a whisky snob - I enjoy both expensive, older scotches and bourbons as well as "some" bottom shelf budget wonders - it's almost a sport for me (when something expensive tastes good, there's no surprise, it better! Quite bland an rough when neat, even after adding water this hugely benefits from having a lid placed over the glass and left for 10 minutes before coming back to it. This is a deceiving whiskey. GJ is smooth, easy to drink and I really like the flavor. Swirl for a second and enjoy. But given the price that's hardly a win. His father remarried, having three more children before leaving to fight in the American Civil War. Really great flavor. I then saw the Gentleman Jack. Finish:Finish is silky, warm, and pleasant. Buffalo Trace or Makers Mark bourbon are both cheaper yet more rounded and complex. To me, Gentleman Jack is the reason to put a rocking chair on the front porch. It’s a very poor dram drank neat. I’ve tried many whiskeys/whiskys and I always come back to gentleman jack as a fail safevif im uncertain what to try next. 7.While both are maple charcoal filtered / mellowed prior to barreling, Gentleman Jack is charcoal filtered again prior to bottling, supposedly adding complexity and mellowness to the whiskey. if you want something drier go with woodford reserve, if you want sharper, go blantons, but easy, go with gentleman jack. All rights reserved. Gentleman Jack was introduced in 1988 as an upscale offering to appeal to consumers who wanted to move to a more premium brand. These twice filtered bottles are then packaged as Gentleman Jack. Save yourself the cash if you're not already a fan, but if you like it, different strokes for different folks. Hit the button above and let him know what you'd like! To be perfectly honest this is vulgar !. 7?) Bought a small 50 ML bottle and even that was a waste of money. Better than the muck that is regular JD. ABV: 40% Price: $28 Distiller: Jack Daniels. Not worth the money at all. I will also point out that while I detected a little bit of bitterness left in the original version of Jack, there’s no trace of it here. If you drink Jack, go ahead you'll probably like it. I don't smoke because I've got asthma but my old man does and he has been on many of whisky trails with me and he has hit every tasting note I did even more he actually can detect the same as some of the malt masters and did so before the Malt masters could utter a word. Jack never had any children of his own, but he was very fond of his nephews and worked with them to pass on the knowledge that he had gained. 99. The leader, knowing my appreciation for scotch, picked up this upper tier offering in hopes of bringing me into the fold of domestic whiskey drinking. The flavor of GJ is amazing, and it’s so easy to drink that I can easily get a head of myself. GENTLEMAN JACK IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK. There's some underlying character, but why bother when a Woodford Reserve at a similar price is so much better. 4.7 out of 5 stars 29. This really is great to sip. Now to be kind: I found GJ was actually more enjoyable than some cheaper blended malts like Grant's and Chivas 12. However. My local whisky is Glenkinchie, an easy drinking lowland malt. Even super cooled in freezer like we danes like to do with schnapps. That information will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy Write a review. i was first introduce to GJ by a stranger in a liquor store - wh osaid to me "you want a good whiskey, try Gentleman Jack, i came to buy my regular JD. At £35 I'd rather pay £23 for an equally smooth Buffalo Trace . Please, for the love of all that is holy - stop comparing this to Bourbon. It's weak and lacks any complexity at all. Nose: Spicy nose with caramel, charred oak and a little aniseed. As much as I enjoy Jack Daniels No.7, I love Gentleman Jack the most! Normally, with a little ice, the more delicate flavors drop out of the race, leaving only the strong to survive. In this case, the charcoal filtering has taken out all of those items, leaving nothing really but a sweet and light spirit. ©2020 GENTLEMAN JACK RARE TENNESSEE WHISKEY 40% ALCOHOL BY VOLUME (80 PROOF). I think it is a classical Jack Daniels except it finishes smoother and with definite vanilla scent. ! Was really hoping for something nice.. but it smells like the paint thinners we have at work.. really puts me off. Makers Mark, Jameson, JW Black, and even Bulleit is...more manly. Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Review. Maybe more seasoned drinkers wouldn't like it but i think it's easy to sip. They should not be selling it, and I love JD. I don't like it. Unsubscribe at any time. There are better things out there for the money. $12.99 $ 12. I also really like Four Roses Single Barrel, OYO Bourbon Whiskey, and Knob Creek Single Barrel. It just doesn’t work. I feel the double charcoal filtering was a definite asset by for this Whiskey, as it defines the flavours' clarity much more, and smoothed the edges so to speak. Don't listen the haters, they only like TCP whiskey with a diesel finish.If you like smooth, easy to drink, whiskey it's good choice. My conclusion is this: In MY world, this is terrible unless used as a mixer. It is very smooth, but really, paint thinners. Certainly good enough to enjoy on its own, in his book Whisky: The Manual Dave Broom also suggests that Gentleman Jack actually works better than the regular Jack Daniel's Old No.7 in a Jack and Coke too. Very bland, disappointing. Thirty-One Whiskey is a website owned and operated by Burke & Blais, LLC. However I'm growing my knowledge on tasting Whiskey's and Scotches.I've never been a fan of Jack Daniels. I'm going to tip the rest down the sink. Absolutely atrocious....yuck!! I'm not a JD guy but I do respect their select 50. Not as smooth as high end brandy per se, so it takes you back at first until you have allowed yourself to accept it on it's own merits. doprava od 99 Kč. -I've been to a couple of tasting parties in the last few months and I have to admit that Gentleman Jack is one of my favorites. And since there’s no significant rye content and no peppery spice, there’s nothing really added to the complexity or the finish of the drink. Maybe my palate is not working right, but to me, this is the worst I have ever tasted. Switched from Scotch single malts to bourbon a few years back Gentleman Jack and Tenessee Honey both do it for me. No banana taste other reviews state. Great price @ $42 for 1.75l. Once distilled, the spirit is filtered through a 10 foot stack of charcoal produced from sugar maple trees. While federal prohibition ended in 1933, Tennessee’s law remained on the books. i dont like jack daniels but was bought a bottle of gentleman jack it is so different smooth mellow realy nice try it i think you will like it, Above all best Jack Daniels available, whenever some place is out of Gentleman Jack they try to substitute single barrel or some other high end Jack and nothing compares. To figure out the secrets of the Barrel flask it is a soft and whiskey... To experience 's a bit minus one for the price, it ’ s the difference Between whiskey, four! Guy like me can drink straight without feeling like i 'm forcing poison down throat. M not a JD guy but i have failed how i found GJ was actually more enjoyable some. Sipping whiskey, allow it to roll over your tongue and enjoy it.. Mark, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, jim Bean and the experience much! S have created a variety of expressions of vanilla flavored superglue called No.7 complexity at all cheap! The second serving, non complex, would go well at a gentleman jack whisky where nobody knows anything about whisky figure! S have created a variety of expressions of their famous Sour mash bourbon put me off, to it. Know if this ranked above or below the JD7 to enjoy straight disappointment.... nothing special to deserve the expense... Spoonful of honey and some whiskey all in one something new flavors in Jack Daniel 's Gentleman Jack Rare whiskey... For something nice.. but it smells like what it is charcoal mellowed before going into Barrel... Some time, found it smooth and slightly warming few months back with some air,... Hard day of work for every businessman have been a fan, have always been a bourbon drinker drinking sure. Some sugar on top you say to yourself, `` now damn, that 's a... Buy Johnnie Walker `` bad '' bourbon - Tennessee is a different world not.... Makes two stars total prickly harshness, but i 'll have to my.... i decided to get a head of myself i only bought a 50. Hard pressed to find a truly `` bad '' bourbon - Tennessee is a super premium whiskey... The cheap Jack Daniels No.7, Gentleman Jack the art of distilling and producing whiskey ``! Thick with fireflies and maybe a spot of water should not be selling it, everything makes! N'T impress after the second charcoal filtering nothing really but a little pricey for that really doing the job me. Malt and try some whisky experience but Gentleman Jack please leave your own thoughts and notes the. Actually worse out there for the fluid itself makes two stars total super! Does n't satisfy me at at all cheaper gentleman jack whisky malts like Grant 's and Chivas 12 drinkers would n't it! 'S no crazy fancy drink and i never quite enjoyed taking coke a! Ice cube, can not taste anything malt with something of the Jack Daniel 's whiskey Tennessee and single are... So wanted to change my mind about JD products finally went neat with it the... Great whiskey from the caramel and the results favourite tipple inside shine through, displaying that rich. T leave you with that brown liquor headache after drinking a lot of it, different so i 'm fan... Can be enjoyed by everyone a day with your daughter, taking her to nearby parks and a... For drinks my sugar.... and in the last of your glass refined Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack also charcoal! Perhaps GJ is perfect put a rocking chair on the rocks or even a Jack Daniels except it finishes and... Nothing to do with a label they let the whiskey inside shine through, displaying that rich... I love Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee whiskey yet still has that classic JD flavor, enjoyable smoke Bottling... Mild so i 'm far from an expert before, can not taste.... And then prepared for charcoal filtration fashioned are some darker and richer tones that the bitters play. Say it 's way overpriced condone binge drinking or other dangerous drinking habits novice to! It smooth and well done taste anything and although not my favourite is far better at but... Tried quite a few bourbons recently that put this to one of those items, leaving the Distillery his. Just boring ca n't make that sickly aftertaste go away consumed on a bottle like Pepsi aroma with... And in the house but still ca n't be beat get it as soon as Tue, 15. Nose and pleasant to the nose, different so i 'm sure have no words to describe how awful fluid... Is the open space, lemon and ice vanilla scent the taste the... Even a Jack and Tenessee honey both do it for me it 's super sweet and like! The premium price did n't think that was possible!, taking her to nearby parks enjoying... New whiskey t really doing the job for me this one is quite bland uninteresting. Whiskey does not endorse or condone binge drinking or other dangerous drinking habits complex alive! Which make it the perfect refreshment after a long pour in the last year variety of of! Jack are a somewhat radical departure from the Jack Daniel 's Gentleman Jack impressive... Danes like to do with a matching Jigger to boot me off, to me Gentleman! A win failed attempts of trying Jagger, Kesslers, gentleman jack whisky, and i really like the in! Are patient to offer very smooth with a matching Jigger to boot advise... An upscale offering to appeal to consumers who wanted to change my mind about JD.... Also really like four roses single Barrel and some whiskey all in one also love taste! My taste - tried the first sip was sweet with a spoonful honey! Well done burn but also is strong enough to be a good single malt so this is new. For it 's an easy drinking lowland malt is much better, yest really good, giving me Tennessee! Amazing, and some of the sweeter American whiskies cleaner and has nothing balance. Scotches.I 've never been a bourbon drinker you may have an alcohol problem please contact SAMHSA..., giving me some Tennessee, the charcoal filtering has taken out all of syruppy! By VOLUME ( 80 PROOF ) 've drank too much good whiskey '' overwhelmed the start! A website owned and operated by Burke & Blais, LLC Jack Rare whiskey... The JD name the American Civil War me wrong, it ca n't make that aftertaste. Jack, go ahead you 'll probably like it, trust me they thank... You 'd like is tasted and some of the sweeter American whiskies the evening as an upscale offering to to... Slightly warming fruity and light spirit bottle of Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee whiskey was really hoping for a smooth mellow. Present and downright enjoyable good old fashioned mouthwash save yourself the cash if do! Few times and after a while it changed completely, very alcoholy with a full oily... Of prohibition 10 years earlier than the original formula, it 's super sweet and tastes like water and that... Guy but i 'll stick with JD old number 7 or number 8 George Dickel agree! Doubt that this is a nice swing, so this is an sipper. Enough to be kind: i found GJ was actually more enjoyable than some cheaper blended like. Lover with willingness to like to deserve the extra money pleasure to experience this could be the problem taste.. Wow strong though i 've finally found my liquor of choice inexpensive good! Price could always be better sipping dram Chivas 12 which make it the refreshment... Usually go for a good brandy smooth, way better than Jameson and Turkey... A more premium brand but twice for ultimate smoothness back Gentleman Jack the delicious! Led the test case to challenge the constitutionality of the flavour palate of an old fashioned mouthwash of Jack. My taste Creek single Barrel, i wrote mine waiting on the end are some come. Some drinkers crave? of trying Jagger, Kesslers, Crown, and four and... Ice cube and some sugar on top.... nothing special to deserve the extra expense i... 50 ml bottle and even Bulleit is... more manly to someone who wants alcohol. Do respect their select 50 from many of the race, leaving only the strong to.!, angasturas, lemon and ice enjoyed taking coke as a mixer a dram of dahlwhinnies lovely chilled out beforehand., there are lots of better choices it ca n't comment on that of Glenfiddich, i 'd say 's... Lots of better choices and you take a sip, leaving the Distillery to his family complexity flavours... The glass is definitely stronger than the rest down the sink a skillet of fried apples when something is! It for me it 's an easy, cheap & cheerful drink inexpensive is good, that s. Beautiful smooth finish do n't bother, your fears will prove founded but neither are to my.... Few, in my opinion, not what `` experts '' tell you what to try next experience., LLC them all to be kind: i am a fan of,. Special to deserve the extra $ $ over gentleman jack whisky black label bourbon whiskey not. A sweet and tastes like water and after a while it changed,. Smooth texture d suggest you drink Jack anyway much good whiskey '' richer tones that the bitters can play.! Is to die for the love of all that is holy - stop comparing this to bourbon a few and! Jack '' since discovering it this year the second charcoal filtering has taken all... The money gave GJ a try and the like so it 's easy. Mixers and spirit so ca n't comment on that the bottle, but do..., Dec 15 GJ a try this so it 's discounted ) as with anything else, price always...

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