I can coach you on how to get the most out of LinkedIn. Writing an Objective for a Nursing Resume Nurses should be good with people of all ages. When I was attending University LinkedIn didn’t exist, I didn’t have a responsive web page that could be read by thousands of people a year, for free! You can highlight your skills as well as developing aspirations to leave a reader feeling good about your interest in self-improvement and growth. Next, think about your headline. Start your resume off with a professional statement. ), and then indicating what type of job you want. Specialties became redundant because of those endorse-able and easily searched skills, so listing anything resembling specialties (including strengths) in your summary these days is totally unnecessary. Make sure to lay out the details of each with achievements, skills learned and qualifications earned. Research shows that we make judgments about others within 30 milliseconds … It's our mission to empower you on your career path by being a trusted resource for information that will help you achieve your goal for a better future. Your LinkedIn Summary is the place where you tell your story. Authenticity and creativity are the hallmarks of a great summary, which is why most LinkedIn summaries feature distinct sections. Could you be more specific about what you consider “key words?” I ask because when I tell my students to use key words in their profiles, I’m talking about profession-specific key words, like “Electrical Engineer” rather than “Engineer” or making sure they are specifically listing software by name rather than making vague statements like “experienced with software.”. Thank you . According to LinkedIn, there are over 400 million users, and a few million of them are in the healthcare and nursing fields. Summary In a few sentences, sum up your top skills and expertise that make you a fit for the job, such as your ability to work in various healthcare settings, or the professional training you’ve received as a medical professional.Also include some soft skills such as patience, empathy or a patient-friendly approach. * It is your first chance to answer the question “Tell me about Yourself” and you want to make the most of it. Publishing on LinkedIn without adequately knowing how the algorithm works, is like sitting in a Volkswagen Beetle on a starting grid flanked by Porsches. Here is the example from the LinkedIn summary for college students: A college fest is one of the chaotic events to organize. Thanks Google. LinkedIn Summary for Education Student. What’s your picture like? Start your engines. The Opening Line. It’s for everyone—and it’s going to be your new career-boosting best friend—because it’s a top tool for advocating for your strengths and accomplishments when you can’t. You can do this in a few ways. Even if you’re uploaded a great profile photo, customized your headline, and detailed your work and education history, leaving the summary blank is a huge missed opportunity for a number of reasons. An effective nursing resume summary is concise and easy to read. No matter how tech savvy you are, you can create a custom URL for your profile. It's internships, clinical experience, and volunteer experience. Even better. In this case, your well-written LinkedIn summary is a good way to attract the attention of your prospective employer and encourage him to read your profile.The first paragraph may describe your personality and potential. Law Student LinkedIn Summary Example. Too daunting? If you think something adds to your educational or professional expertise, even trainings or industry memberships, put it down. When it comes to new grad nurse resumes, you have a magic weapon, too. Tim’s profile is another good example of a LinkedIn profile covering all critical elements. A comprehensive list of publications, projects, and honors & awards. In many respects, this should apply to graduating college students. And definitely don’t write fluff like “Hi, I’m Jason…” or ‘Welcome to my profile….” or “proud New Yorker….” or “avid world traveler….”, you are wasting valuable summary space. It allows you to see if someone in your network posts a job opening. Even if you’re not looking for a job, LinkedIn is a key resource. No! Most of the time students do not have a lot of experience to display. These may include terms such as “certification,” “clinical research” or “travel nursing,” depending on the person. Skills: Check as many skill boxes as you can that relate to your actual experience and education. For writing tips, view this sample resume for a nursing student that Isaacs created below, or download the nursing student resume template in Word. A strong statement. Nursing Resume: Career Summary A professional nursing resume summary is that junction in the nursing resume which makes crossing the next road very easy for the recruiter. I get it, it’s so easy to find a shot of your home city and bonus – it has office buildings, so that conveys….business? Try your best to use the character limit that LinkedIn allows. Things change quickly and having your most current information on your profile is absolutely a good idea. They don’t respond. opportunities are not guaranteed. I’m a second-year student at Yale with dreams of attending Yale Law after I graduate. So write it in first person please. Respectfully, Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero – as my Latin teacher would say – Harvest the day, give trust to the future as little as possible. In today’s job market, it is not enough to have a strong resume and cover letter. Because it will look very much like a summary written by a bot, in other words, crap. Thanks Ken, the banner is such an important part of your profile page, I look forward to seeing how you leverage it. In that section, you can list your skills, and other LinkedIn users can endorse you for those skills. Many summaries on LinkedIn read like a summary on a resume.However, the summary section on your resume is a very different creature. Your summary is the one place you define yourself in your own words, free of start dates and titles. The Structure of a Good LinkedIn Summary. Writing a great LinkedIn profile top-to-bottom is the easiest way to set yourself apart from half-a-billion other LinkedIn users. Translation: Market yourself in a way that catches the eye of the hiring manager through a cleverly crafted resume. It is not surprising, because most of them think more about parties than about future professions. The first paragraph may describe your personality and potential. You can connect with nursing recruiters to see what jobs are most commonly sought after. LinkedIn Headline Examples for Students If you're a student or recent graduate, you might have little experience and are wondering what to include in your LinkedIn headline. The beauty of LinkedIn is that you have a summary field to say exactly what you want people to hear. I’d love to connect with you directly and provide access to my LinkedIn contacts.” That’s 122 characters. Take a minute to check out some nursing profiles today. While this sounds great in theory, the results are less than spectacular. © All Star Directories, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The worst that could happen? LinkedIn gives you 2,000 characters (including spaces) to summarize your background and, besides your headline, your summary is the first thing people see. Got achievements? Recently graduate with a 4.0 GPA, excellent bedside manner, and a sunny attitude. by Andy Foote | Apr 19, 2019 | Graduates, LinkedIn, Marketing, Students, Summary | 9 comments. Whether you already have one or are thinking about building yours, we have tips for you to create a winning profile to increase your likelihood of getting a job, especially the one you really want. A major hurdle for many new LinkedIn users is completing the “Summary” field, because it asks you to get creative instead of just plugging in familiar details. Andy—what advice can you provide in this regard? There are literally millions of images to choose from. Check out these 4 stunningly good (real life) summary examples: READY TO GO DEEP ON THE LINKEDIN ALGORITHM?I’ve written a comprehensive guide which will help you to understand how content is treated on LinkedIn. Most nursing students graduate with plenty. Make sure to lay out the details of each with achievements, skills learned and qualifications earned. 9 LinkedIn Tips for Nursing Professionals. Use your LinkedIn summary to: Summary and Objective. Running a word cloud analysis on job descriptions and current job holder profiles, could also help in the quest to be searched/found. Many people overlook the profile summary section, which is unfortunate because it's one of the first things hiring managers and recruiters see on a LinkedIn … Write an informative but punchy profile headline. Additionally, since there isn’t a field in a LinkedIn profile for your credentials, this is a great opportunity to showcase your education. But don't worry! It should be the same as what’s on your resume, or the name you use in work settings, so you’re easily found. Show How You Can Solve Pain Points. It’s the hardest part of building a LinkedIn profile, but it’s arguably the most important: it’s the personal summary.It’s the best real estate on your profile, where you have a chance to show employers your personality and tell them why your experience makes you the ideal candidate. Making good use of all 2,000 characters will ensure that you are getting the full benefits of essential keyword optimization. Why fill out most of the other sections except for this one? This is a short, memorable professional ‘slogan.’ … LinkedIn can now generate a summary for you based on your existing profile information. “Hey Jim. I think most readers can read/understand your summary without these ugly signposts. Good LinkedIn Summary For Students. It was a formative and once in a lifetime experience, maybe a fellow alumni will hire you? Your Questions About Nursing School, Answered, 9 Tips for Finding Nursing Schools with Strong Diversity and Inclusion Plans. Young adults on the cusp of their professional lives really ought to be thinking about marketing themselves sooner rather than later. A resume objective is for those with fresh diploma ink. The Gold Standard: An Influencer’s LinkedIn Summary. Moving Beyond Your LinkedIn for Students Profile Summary. You’ve inspired me to think more inventively so I’m working on a banner that will be much more personal and will show what I can offer. (For more on ensuring you have a great LinkedIn headline, watch our video.) But here’s the deal, LinkedIn gives its users zero actionable feedback on keywords, so anyone urging you to “optimize” your LinkedIn summary/headline/profile for keywords, or telling you to make it “keyword rich” is whistling in the wind. List all of your relevant work experience, including nursing practicums and volunteer work. Think about it—LinkedIn is like social media for the professional world. The one sentence summaries I found really don’t do a lot for their authors. A lot of people are using this approach and when you do the same, looks like you can’t think for yourself #sheeple. Ever heard of an elevator pitch? With … Now that you’ve got your profile set up and in “All Star” shape, as they say on the app, you can start making career moves. Draft your summary in Word or Pages first, two reasons: (1) LinkedIn doesn’t have spell check and (2) it’s a buggy platform, so if something weird or inexplicable happens during/after you added it, that stunning summary you just spent hours of your life working on won’t be lost. But don't worry! Make sure you nail these to make your summary perfect. I’ve highlighted a few things about why I like each one. In case you had any fears, LinkedIn for nurses is just as important as LinkedIn for any other profession. More and more students are using LinkedIn, an online network for professionals, to boost their job hunt and build their network. This is the space below your name and photo, and it’s the place where you tell people who you are in just a few words. 10 LinkedIn Tips for Students & New Grads Published on February 6, 2015 February 6, 2015 • 7,565 Likes • 250 Comments For a student with limited professional experience, it can be difficult to know what to put in a LinkedIn headline. I’m not a fan of capitalized para titles in the summary (WHAT I DO. LinkedIn Summary Examples for Students. Endorsements build trust. By joining this LinkedIn group, you can utilize the resources of this extremely important nursing association. You want to make sure that your profile includes the keywords that best describe your skillset and the type of job you’re looking to be hired for so you show up in search results. Posted on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017. St. Michael’s Hospital, Boston, MA – Mar 2016 – Jun 2016 In fact, 78.7% of students surveyed in the Trendence UK Graduate Survey 2019 said that they already use LinkedIn for career-related purposes (of a total of 74,746 students surveyed). That’s right, you’ll find millions of profiles on LinkedIn for nurses. In his spare time, he is involved with numerous charitable activities and considers his greatest achievement to be the fact that his wife, Jane, agreed to marry him in 1996. Twitter. They’re still searching for it today. What is a LinkedIn Summary? Motivated Registered Nurse seeking to leverage a BS in Nursing and 1,223 hours of accumulated clinical experience into a full time position at your hospital. Studies show that recruiters spend mere seconds reviewing a resume and these days that’s after the resume has made its way through the applicant tracking system. Marianne Griebler is a two-time member of the LinkedIn Top Voices club, and with good reason. I’d love to work for your organization. Not only does it act as a great supplement to your resume, but now you can even apply to some jobs directly through LinkedIn, using your profile in place of a resume. Writer’s block? Many leave it completely blank or type in a short tagline better suited for a LinkedIn headline or a resume summary. Yes, that’s a lot of people to compete with, but it’ll be significantly fewer if you’re specific about all the nursing experience you’ve had. Ask them how to beat all of the other users who are using the exact same keywords on LinkedIn. Here are some typical real-life examples: After you write anything in your LinkedIn summary, you should ask “how does this help me?” At a minimum, folks reading your profile summary want to know what interests/drives you and what you’re looking to do next (in marketing speak this is called a CTA or ‘call to action’). Here’s What To Say In Your LinkedIn ‘Summary’ Statement via Business Insider; How to Write a LinkedIn Summary via Career Rocketeer; 3 Stunningly Good LinkedIn Profile by Andy Foote; General Resources for Building Your LinkedIn Profile. Is what I wrote in a 2013 post featuring three highly engaging, well written, real-life LinkedIn summaries that were exceptional in every sense of the word. 7 LinkedIn Summary Examples That Make You Look Good. Her LinkedIn profile is polished yet original, and she produces high-quality articles on LinkedIn Publisher. There are not many LinkedIn summary examples for students on the Internet. Writing an engaging opening line is key to drawing in potential employers, clients, partners, and contacts. Why do some students choose to leave their summary section blank? From 2004 – 2010 every LinkedIn summary had a dedicated specialties section at the bottom of the summary statement. That means that many recruiters, hiring managers and potential business contacts will read this section even if they don’t make it all the way through your profile. Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile: A Checklist via the Harvard Extension School Recommendations, project work, and honors and awards supporting key experience. 21 Mar 2016 by pegschools. Ramen noodle distraction? Ever since I taught my little brother how to tie his shoes, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. One of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile is the Featured Skills & Endorsements section. Distill what you’ve learned about yourself, including your key values, passions, strengths, opinions, and personality. Either one needs measurable achievements. It’s at the top of the LinkedIn profile, so you’d actually have to skip by it to complete other sections. Regardless of how far away they are from graduation. Like most things in life, you can only reap the potential rewards if you put the work in. Running a word cloud analysis on job descriptions and current job holder profiles, could also help in LinkedIn. Are, you ’ re suggesting Mary-Colleen, long tail key words like Electrical... S a great source for job postings for practical nurses and nursing fields why a good LinkedIn matters... Operating in a Porsche, maybe even a Tesla memorable professional ‘ slogan. ’ … example # 4 Blended... Read thousands of summaries since, most students don ’ t have any satisfactory for! Text in your professional circle to vouch for your skills, and it the! Profiles to inspire change surprising, because most of the business world, less is more many leave completely! Better suited for a LinkedIn headline, watch our video. all times all offer high resolution images, free. Full benefits of essential keyword optimization Voices club, and with good reason with truckloads of experience display..., one or two paragraphs will do the hallmarks of a strong handshake in an organization health. M a second-year student at Yale with dreams of attending Yale law after I.! Point that they won ’ t take advantage of this opportunity create a complete, impactful and eye-catching with... Clients, vendors, professors or fellow students MA – Mar 2016 – Jun 2016 headlines. Find nurses like you to see what jobs are most commonly sought after job search wanted to thinking... Back it up, put that skill on your LinkedIn profile, just graduated,...., impactful and eye-catching profile with just a few easy-to-do steps MSN has nice ring to it, right written! Nature of the health care organizations your personality shine through while being professional and concise from. Or why certain words are “ rich ” sheer volume of LinkedIn is a great source for job postings practical. To meet for coffee are another great way that catches the eye of most... I just added a paragraph to this post about the need to spread the word about nursing. I knew I wanted to be just like resumes, so use to. Standard: an Influencer ’ s job market Mikaila, Samantha, Vineet, Jianxia ( Jessie ) and.! Or if you don ’ t confuse it with the right people other.! 2017 | Productivity | linkedin-summary-examples 0 reads for Diversity and Inclusion Plans LinkedIn profile is writing summary. A cleverly crafted resume you could simply delete “ I am ” or travel! And reliable RN with 10+ years of customer service experience give an overview of your LinkedIn profile up to more..., I knew I wanted to be just like resumes, so use them to full! Directories, Inc. all Rights Reserved an image that has something to do ( see above ) for nursing with! An individual who is either pursuing or has completed a course in the and... Off writing it in emojis by contrast, a LinkedIn profile summary which! Facts and figures to choose from paragraphs will do d love to work our video. goals might be with... Your writing readable but specific to your industry, 2017 | Productivity | linkedin-summary-examples reads. Forward to seeing how you leverage it up to bring more business to.., clinical experience, maybe even a Tesla find millions of images to choose from an absolutely essential as! Being professional and concise to spread the word about your interest in self-improvement and growth to! Job Listings internships Guides & resources in a way that can get you in a Porsche maybe!, put it down graduated, etc and that includes the summary statement yourself. Means it was taken with proper exposure against a background that doesn ’ t have any satisfactory for! You define yourself in your summary,... coworkers, clients, partners, and that includes the summary.! Means it was taken with proper exposure against a background that doesn ’ t to... Profile from ‘ resume to resource ’ just graduated, etc type in a short tagline better for... Inc. all Rights Reserved s 122 characters are missing out has nice ring to it, right out of... Guides & resources that they will continue reviewing the resume in greater detail image that has to... And then indicating what type of job you want seeing how you leverage it the world. Character limit that LinkedIn allows headline to find nurses like you to see if someone in your professional life it... I just added a paragraph to this post about the need to be proactive may terms. A specific position for which a candidate wishes to be Jane Austen prose, one or two paragraphs do! Graduate with a 4.0 GPA, excellent bedside manner, and volunteer experience headline find. Summary that is more a summer internship Jun 2016 LinkedIn headlines for students and recent graduates experience and education you. Blended summary health care organizations and awards supporting key experience for recruiters and HR personnel to their... Young adults on the Internet literally millions of images to choose from is more compete. Only reap the potential rewards if you put the work in 9 for. Flex your creativity a bit this sounds great in theory, the more you endorse other people ’ s,! To hear away they are to return the favor take advantage of opportunity! That skill on your entire profile | Productivity | linkedin-summary-examples 0 reads other hand, it can be to!

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