Why Should We Use Home Remedies To Treat Herpes Instead Of Medicines

Why Should We Use Home Remedies To Treat Herpes Instead Of Medicines

Herpes – A Sexually Transmitted Disease | Types Of Herpes

Herpes is a type of infection that affects a different part of your body but it is usually affects surrounded area of your face or genitals. It is a contagious infection and can be spreaded by skin to skin touch. We can put genital herpes infection into ” Sexual Transmitted Disease ” category as it can spreaded by sexual activities. There are two types of herpes virus. These two virus are named after Herpes Simplex. Type one virus also called as Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and often abbreviated as HSV-1 is generally related to mouth infection. It can cause cold sores, home-remedies-for-herpespainful lesions, swelling, blebs and redness on surrounding area of your mouth. As you already know that it is a contagious virus that means this virus can only elaborate themselves if you are sharing the same utensils with a contaminated person for having food, enjoying kiss each other, cuddling or performs some oral action with a contaminated person. Another type of virus is Herpes Simplex Virus 2 often abbriviated as HSV-2.This is a kind of virus that generally affects your genital parts or reproductive parts of your body. HSV-2 virus can elaborate itself if you are having unprotected sex, if you have multiple sex partner, performing some oral action during sex that may lead to Type 1 infection as well, If you are a female then you are at greater risk of being infected with this virus than that of a male. Some of the major symptoms of this virus may include , irritation in genital part, blisters, temperature, swelling, general flu, eczema and redness. These two type of virus cause a chronic infection that means once these virus have entered in your body may remain in your body forever till your death but that doesn’t mean that symptoms of herpes simplex┬ávirus will remain in your body forever. Even if you are having this virus for years, lets say for 20 years but still these virus may not let you see the symptoms because these virus are in idle condition. You may not feel symptoms of these virus till you die but once you get infected will remain infected. There is no known cure available for this virus that may sound bothering for some of you but it is true. Therefore a question rises here and the question is that how one can be treated to overcome this virus.

Options For Herpes Treatment

Well there are so many medications available in the market that assertively claim of fully curing herpes but Unfortunately that is not true. Yes, some of these work and partially cure herpes but they bring some side effect as well with them. Therefore using artificial medication in herpes may not be a wise choice instead you can go for a natural or home remedy. Home remedy is a type of treating option that uses natural or home home-remedies-for-herpesingredients to cure different kinds of infection and diseases. It doesn’t have side effects as well if used in herpes or in any disease. If you go for medical treatment option then you must have to run after a doctor and it is time consuming as well because these virus may remain in your body forever so how long could you run after a doctor , moreover it requires money as well but still it will not solve the problem because herpes infection is type of recurring nature and it will keep coming on you over and over again. If you chose natural way to treat it then it will be the best option for you and best part of that you don’t require lac of money as well, your precious time will be saved as you can perform your treatment at home. You can use lemon that is like Panacea when it comes to treat any kind of infection, honey is very useful in herpes as well because it has antibacterial and antiviral attribute that help in curing herpes, baking soda can be used in herpes as it works like drying agent that can dry your herpes lesions in no time, aloe vera is also very effective and many of these home remedies that will surely going to help you in order to get rid of herpes.

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