Facts About Herpes

Are you suffering from a viral infection? Or feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed because of the blisters that you have on your mouth and genitals? It might be the reason of herpes simplex virus. Yes, these types of blisters can be the reason of herpes simplex virus. This is an incurable condition. It means if herpes virus enters into your body, it will remain in your immune system for life time. Shocked? I understand, but, this is true. I think you will feel relieved after reading this that there are 70-80 percent people in United States who are suffering from this condition.

There are so many herpes treatment options available to treat this condition but according to studies they are not capable enough to alleviate this virus from your body. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from its pain. By the end of this article, you will get to know not only about the main causes of this infection but also the treatment option for the same. Have you ever heard about ozone therapy? I think probably not, I will tell you about ozone therapy for herpes but before we talk about ozone therapy let me tell you about herpes’s causes and symptoms.

Herpes is caused by personal contact with an infected person actually herpes virus is common causes oral and genital herpes. Both are very contagious and if anyone is not experiencing any symptoms, still they can pass this virus to others. The symptoms of this condition are usually very painful and today in this article I will give you one amazing way to cure herpes’s symptoms. Herpes virus enters into your body through a small cut or mucous membrane. After the first infection, this virus will stay dormant in your immune system and it can reactivate at any time which can cause outbreaks. Symptoms of this condition are different from one person to another because some people have herpes symptoms while many do not.

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What is Autohemotherapy?

It is very important to confirm that are you suffering from herpes or not. Fozone therapy for herpesor this you can go for herpes’s tests. So now it’s a time to know about the herpes cure. It’s in the news that ozone therapy for herpes is a very effective way to control this condition. Did you know what autohemotherapy is? Autohemotherapy is another word of ozone therapy. It is very popular and helpful way to treat herpes and it is only used in Europe. The administration of ozone therapy for herpes is largely unknown in South Africa and America.

Ozone is known to have powerful antiviral property. This therapy involves the direct infusion of ozone into the blood of the patient. Once it enters in the blood, it works to boost the immune system and destroy the harmful bacteria and viruses. This therapy has the ability to prevent the virus and bacteria from growing and it can stop the growth of cancerous tumors. This therapy is more capable in fighting against incurable diseases such as herpes. Have you satisfied with the points which I have raised in this article? I think this is quite enough to understand the benefits of using ozone therapy for herpes treatment. If not, no need to worry because I have more to tell you about the effectiveness of ozone therapy for herpes.

Just like other disease herpes can also treat by natural treatments. According to studies 30 patients with herpes zoster and 27 patients with herpes labials (oral herpes) were treated with the injections of an oxygen- ozone mixture. In herpes zosters, doctors have to give 12 injections per day. In oral herpes, minimum 1 and maximum 5 injections doctors have to give to the patients. After this treatment only 3 recurrences were observed in the 3 years. No side effects were noticed during this treatment in all the patients.

So now you are satisfied that I have raised an effective an amazing way to treat herpes infection? Trust me this is one of the best ways to treat herpes and this is natural and side-effects free. So from now onwards try to use ozone therapy for herpes treatment. I hope like others it will give you positive results.

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