Coffee for Herpes Outbreaks – Can Coffee Cure Herpes 

If you are a coffee lover, this information might be helpful for you in treating your cold sores and blisters. Yes, there is a close relation between coffee and herpes outbreaks. If you are among the list of ‘herpes victim’, treatment and diagnosis of its symptoms can be an arduous journey for you.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease than can affect you in many ways. It not only affects your mentally but physically too. The painful blisters and cold sores of herpes virus can give you physical pain as well as some mental effects. You may feel embarrassed, lack of confidence and many other social stigmas that can make your soul weak but friends, let me tell you that herpes is a common viral infection that is affecting millions of people around the world. You are not alone who is facing such annoying herpes symptoms.

One thing you need to remember is that herpes is incurable disease but it can be managed and controlled easily with the help of herbal remedies. Yes, you do not need to be disheartened. There is an amazing home remedy which can give you startling results to cure herpes virus. Would you like to know it? I know you may desperately want to know about this amazing natural supplement that can treat your herpes symptoms easily at home.

Coffee and Herpes Outbreaks

coffee for herpes

Could you ever imagine the link between coffee and herpes outbreaks? Maybe not, but treating herpes is as simple as drinking a cup of coffee. Yes, this is due to the beneficial facts of coffee. You might be thinking is coffee good or bad for herpes? This article will help you to know about the unknown facts of coffee. Coffee can give you both results, good and bad. Coffee can give you bifold results. Researchers have found its both positive and negative results.

Let we start with the ingestion of caffeine in your morning cup of coffee. This is a common way of refreshing your morning with a cup of coffee. Intake of caffeine actually helps in stimulating your adrenal glands to produce adrenalin, the hormone that gives you the ‘fight or flight’ response. Caffeine is actually a drug and the more you take drugs the more your body and immune affect towards it. If you take 2 to 3 cups of coffees in a day, your immune system start responding negatively by making you sick and no more protect you from herpes attack. Taking caffeine is only good for your body when you take it in a limited amount. Well generally it is recommended not to take caffeine during frequent herpes outbreaks. There is a mysterious link between coffee and herpes outbreaks because caffeine is good as well as bad for your body.

coffee for cold sores

The best way is to use coffee as a topical treatment for treating your cold sores. Caffeine is used as a topical treatment for cold sores and fever blisters on your mouth and lips. Some studies found that use of caffeine as a topical treatment can inhibit the growth of the virus and also prevent you from the recurrence of frequent herpes outbreaks. In other words, the use of caffeine in the topical creams will help to reduce the numbness that goes along with the herpes infection as well as reduce the times of herpes virus will duplicate itself. You need to make a cup of coffee and let it cool down for some time. Apply the mixture with the help of cotton swab on the affected parts to reduce the pain, itching and redness of the skin fast.

Coffee and herpes outbreaks are related with each other in different manners. Caffeine is good for your health but only if taken in a limited amount. If you want to cure your herpes symptoms fast with a simple home remedy, coffee is a good option for you. Drink coffee in a limited amount or use it as a natural treatment will help you a lot in treating herpes symptoms.

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