How close are we to a cure for herpes?

How close are we to a cure for herpes?

Cure for Herpes

If you are suffering from the herpes virus, you must be wondering if there will be a herpes cure soon. However, there are many antiviral drugs or medicines, but can they really cure herpes? Of course not, herpes antiviral drugs can just manage the symptoms for some time but cannot eliminate it completely from your body. Before discussing more about the herpes cure, first let’s discuss some important facts about herpes that you need to understand.
Herpes has been called a silent epidemic because of the stigma that surrounds the sexually transmitted diseases. Having herpes is really an annoying situation that impacts your whole life. It is more than just pain and blisters. A person having herpes may feel embarrassment, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. The situation becomes worse when you need to talk about it and you may be shocked to know that you are standing in the same crowd who is living in the hope for a right cure. Herpes virus is of two types- HSV1 and HSV2. Herpes simplex virus is a common health disease in USA. Studies conducted in 2010 show that every one person out of five is suffering from this condition in USA.

How Close Are We To A Cure For Herpes?

The question is how close are the scientists to develop a cure for herpes? Many scientists spent years working on herpes cure and yet they have not been successful in developing cure for herpes. However, developing an effective vaccine for herpes is far more difficult than just identifying the causes and knowing how it spreads. Scientists have discovered some herpes antiviral drugs such as famciclovirFAMCICLOVIR, acyclovir and Valacyclovir. Do not confuse with these medicines because they cannot help you to get rid of herpes completely, they just control the virus and outbreaks.
There is a lot of fear about the herpes virus right now because you can’t get rid of it if you get it. So, new approaches to suppress and treat herpes infection are badly needed. One of the biggest obstacles in living with herpes is the knowledge that you have it forever. Although, you can treat and manage the symptoms and outbreaks but there is no cure for herpes. The well approved medicines prescribed by every doctor for herpes virus can deal with the attacks but still we are compelled to say that there is no cure till now.

New Options for Herpes Treatments

Prophylactic-therapeutic vaccine, vaginal gel and herpes vaccine GEN 003 are the new additions to the list of discoveries for the treatment of herpes. These vaccines are therapeutic in nature and not preventive. If they were preventive, they could have saved lives of millions people who have suffered from herpes. The herpes simplex virus has no cure and it is spreading at an enormous rate around the globe. Scientists and researchers have been trying to develop a vaccine to cure herpes. New treatment options are required for genital herpes because the current drugs do not work well for certain complications of genital herpes including brain infection and infection that can occur in babies who contract the virus at birth. Genital herpes is most common type of herpes and annoying too. From everything, I have read the clinical trials have not proved to be real promising about the cure for herpes. Many people choose to treat herpes symptoms with the help of herbal remedies for herpes because at least they do not harm them as medicines and drugs do. Medicines can cause serious side effects which are difficult to tolerate. Some vaccines show some positive results for some people and slow down the growth of herpes virus in your body but what about the side effects they give? Herpes is far more common than people think and yet most of those who have it don’t know much about it. The best way to protect yourself from genital herpes is prevention; you need to avoid sexual contacts with the infected person. Researchers are trying to find the right cure for herpes and the only option for you is to wait for that moment when some effective cure will come which can eliminate herpes from your body forever.

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