Herpes And Its Psychological Effect

Herpes And Its Psychological Effect

How Contagious Is Herpes?

Herpes is a type of contagious infection that is caused by a group of virus. This virus can affect any person whether it is a child, a young person or an old man. Almost 80-90% people all across the world are affected with this virus and the worst part of this infection is that symptoms of this infection generally don’t arise at its early stage. So even if someone is affected with this virus may not feel symptoms for years and in some cases, it may not appear for your lifetime. This virus generally affects your skin. There are two types of virus in the group and these virus impact on the different part of your body. One virus that is called Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and also abbreviated as HSV-1 is a type of virus that herpes-simplex-virus-1usually impacts on your mouth and its surrounding area and often leads to physical complications. Generally, symptoms of this virus are not occurring at its early stage or even after maturity but there is no reason that these symptoms can’t occur in the near feature. As this virus attacks on your mouth, the reason of that you may feel cold sores, painful blisters, and pustules, redness on the skin, eczema, itching etc. that can be very irritating. If you are having this virus then you can transmit this infection to anyone who touches you. The outbreak of this virus can be possible if two person shares same utensils to eat, kissing if you share contaminated stuff like lip balm or lipstick. The socially active person are most affected by this virus and they often get into the inferiority complex. Many pimples and pustules can be seen on an infected skin area and it forms a lesion on the skin that refrains a person in a limited area. These lesions can be very painful and can cause itching that may increase the possibility of this lesion to get worse. Here we will talk about another kind of herpes virus that is called Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and also abbreviated as HSV-2.

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Symptoms Of Genital Herpes

This virus is known to attack on your genital part and also causes infection on your reproductive part. Symptoms of this virus may include lesions, blisters, temperature, redness on genitals itching. Herpes boosterThis kind of virus can spread them self if you will have unprotected sex, having multiple sex partner, being feminine, cuddling etc. Symptoms of this virus may affect your psychological state of mind and it has enough potential to put you in deep inferiority complex. Although herpes virus is not considered as life threading but it has enough potential to take lives indirectly. Herpes is a less known subject all across the world that generates several myths about it that put a person in a condition from where he starts thinking about of taking his life. It is true that once these virus entered in your body may remain in your body forever and your immune system is not enough to through herpes virus out from your body. There is no known cure available for this virus but it can be treated partially. This is the reason people get stressed and they often think that they have been infected with this virus and now they will also have symptoms of this virus forever but that is not true. People with this virus can also live a normal life.

Life After Herpes

While its also true that once these symptoms arisen in you may keep coming on you every now and then but this condition can be treatable but partially. It also affects your sexual life. If one of the two person having herpes infection then it may be a wise choice to not to have sex because it may put your partner at risk of getting this virus. So there are many ways that a person can get depressed after getting herpes virus. There are so many myths airing about herpes that has nothing to do with herpes but still they are being related to herpes.

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